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For all those owners who have the Keston C36

There is only one Keston Company who repair boilers, they have bought the service contract from the original Keston manufactures.

£186 inc vat for a full service call out. Paid for in advance and can be cancelled with a full refund.

£275 inc vat classed as a breakdown. Includes all parts to be changed (excluding main large heat exchanger)

£200 inc vat if large heat exchanger needs to be changed,  it is £200 plus the main call out charge £275 inc vat. (entire boiler taken apart)

If the engineer turns up for a service and finds the boiler needs parts, Keston will permit for the service to be cancelled there and then on the spot and rebooked for the £275 inc vat all parts time permitting and subject to the engineer calling the Keston office for approval.

These rates are unlimited time on site and includes all parts. One of the big issues with the boilers is the Drinking Water Heat Exchanger which gets clogged then need cleaning or replacing and means the water is lukewarm or cold.

If anyone needs the exhaust vents repaired or hatches installed, then see the Topic listed here under plumber.


After having met a neighbour who had called out a company who were using the name Keston Repairs and turned up in a van with no Keston Logo on it. My neighbour suggested that I speak with the engineer as I had used Keston call out many times.

I suggested the problem was the diverter switch which costs £55 and take five minutes to replace, he became angry, said he wanted to changed the entire pump before looking at the boiler at £130 exc vat per hour, then left without even walking away from the van. As I said there is only one Keston service company, they bought the service repair contract from the original manufactures.


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